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Real Name: Kyle Lycoy
Age: 24
Occupation: A Jobless Ninja.
First Appeared In: lol........the Ninja
Favorite Quote: "1.21 Jiggawatts!!"

Kyle is your basic, everyday ninja, that doesn't do anything a normal ninja does, like killing, fighting pirates(pirates? REALLY? WHY?!), and sneaking around. He pretty much sits around and ends up in weird situations mostly thanks to his roommate and "friend", Guy Polaski.

He started out as a ninja pretty much when he was born. His father, a now deceased Ninja Master for the Kylisk Ninja Academy upon Kylisk Mountain, trained him when he was younger, but was taken away when the Kylisk Academy was broken into a burned down. Nobody knows who did it, and Kyle is determined to find out, but first, he has to get off his lazy ass.

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